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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bieber Fever....

No, I don't have it, but I don't see anything wrong with it either.

In fact, I really hope that my sweet daughter falls in love with a boy band/ boy pop star sometime in her life. I have fond memories of taping (yes tape, my Dad would never allow holes in his perfect walls) posters, pictures, magazine clippings, and anything remotely involving //\\//sync to my wall. Eventually I got tired of having the tape fail and the posters fall and stapled them proudly in a collage that covered two entire walls in my bedroom.

My Dad teased me relentlessly, but I think it just added to the "fever" as it's referred to these days. JC was my favorite, I remember proudly boasting to my mother that someday I was going to marry "Joshua!" Well, the funny things is I married Joshua, just not THAT one.

I loved the songs, they got me through many of the "rough" moments a teenage girl goes through. I never did drugs, or partied hard, and I did really well in school. I was a little "boy crazy" but in a very PG way. I was just a typical teenage girl, awkward and shy, and totally in love with a band that I knew I'd never actually meet. I think it's healthy, to have something like that, a hobby of sorts.

Plenty of my girlfriends and I would sit around and giggle about our future pop star husbands. We all like a different one, and would defend our choice to the death. My friend Kati should recall me telling her "Justin's hair looks like moldy top-ramen!" I remember so many sleepovers and notes passed in class boldly professing our love for boys and boy bands.

These were happy, crazy, innocent days. Days that I'll never get back, but will always fondly remember. It was music my parents couldn't be mad at me for listening to, no bad language, no one talking about drugs or gangs or rape...

So why do people have such and aversion to Justin Bieber? He's a cute LITTLE boy! If my daughter wanted to listen to his music and giggle over his pictures, kissing them plastered all over her wall I think I would laugh and be happy about it. His music is harmless, there's not drugs or violence, "baby baby ohhhh", he just wants there to be "one less lonely girl!"

When his fictional character was killed on CSI a week or so ago the facebook status really surprised me. Does this little boy really bother you so bad that you'd make jokes about wishing he'd been shot in real life? Are people that sick and pathetic? This is someones CHILD we're talking about, a little boy with a cute little voice, that is making little girls around the world happy? What is wrong with people!

Anyways, I know it's probably not a big deal to a lot of people, but I listen to Justin Bieber when he comes on the radio and I'm fondly reminded of the *Nsync days, and my best girlfriends, and a time when life was just more innocent and sweet. I could only hope for the same happy memories for my daughter.

I think I'm going to love being Sophia's Mommy more and more everyday, always.

Until next time, I will never say Never! I mean... You've been Nicked.

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