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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Soaking It In

I know I've neglected to write for the last twelve days, I didn't abandon this venture though I promise.I was living my life, soaking it up like a "quilted-quicker-picker-upper..." paper towel.

My husband had his first day off in thirty-five days, so we spent the three day weekend as wisely as we could. We spent Saturday raking leaves in the yard, our block captain came by to tell us inspections were coming and left us a list of expectations. We passed everything.. but the leaves. SO.. we were elbow to elbow, sweating like little piggies. We ended up with fifteen, yep fifteen, bags of leaves for our efforts. Thank goodness we had the good sense to stop at Home Depot before we started and pick up a leaf vacuum, or we would have probably needed two days just to bag it all up.

The neighbors yard is connected to us in a weird triangular fashion, so instead of letting this Texas wind blow the leaves right back over to our side, we raked, bagged, and cleaned their yard as well. When they pulled up and saw us finishing the job though, they ran inside without so much as a smile. I'll remember that the next time we're due for inspections!! It's bad enough we're constantly picking up cigarette butts from them, when neither of us smoke. The last thing I want is for one of the kids to pick them up and put them in their mouth, Yuck.

Brandon came over and helped Josh put a bull bar on the truck, it looks really nice on there, especially with the new PIAA lights I helped him install on it. He installed a new intake too, we're hoping to get at least two more miles per gallon from that install. Mostly, I just like how happy it makes him to make the truck his own. After all, I did pick it out, and he had to trade in his little zoom-zoom for the kids.

Monday we got a grill, Josh told me to put it together, I don't think he believed I could do it alone. I made him proud. Then he grilled some delicious steaks and kabobs for dinner. We just kind of snuggled and played and made the most of the time together. We let the kids play outside, and just lived.

I found out I have a love for yard work. We ripped out the dead rose bush out front, and I cleaned out all the old rotting leaves and debris from the flower bed in front of the house. Then we filled it up with some very fragrant red mulch and topped it off with some decorative animals. I plan to add some potted flowers to the display, perhaps pansies. I also got some Weed & Feed and spread it across the yellow grass, and watered it down like my life depended on it. Funny thing is it's been a week and already there is way more green than I ever thought I'd see out there. There is also quite a few weeds.... guess I better work on that next.

My first concern though is the fire ants, wow-ee they hurt! I've been bit way more times than I'd care to admit and of course I would be allergic. You should see me swell up when they bite me! I'm more worried one of this kids is going to be playing and hit one of their little hidden hills and just get covered in the nasty little critters. They bite and bite until they're smashed or you poor cold water on them, nice right? ** just gives me the creeps**

My stress level is a little like a teeter-totter these days. I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff, but it's really hard when the small stuff is all you have. I gave up on the Care Team Volunteer thing for now, with Josh's schedule and not having the kids in daycare, it just isn't realistic. I couldn't even get to the class because Josh worked late the day I was registered for it. I don't want to stop living, but I also want to try to plan for things that wont devastate me when they don't go as planned. Things that can be pushed to another time, a different day... these are more realistic ventures for me right now.

I'm tired of only having facebook friends. I have one friend here at Fort Hood that I do things with regularly, and by regularly I mean at least once...every two weeks. I need some friends here! I need to put down some roots and stop living like a shut in! The sun is out, the kids are at the parks, I need to get off my bum and go out too! I joined a new facebook page, it's run by a woman that does tons of Meet & Greet events. These are the places where I need to go to meet said friends. It's just not me... the group scene. I'm so much the one-on-one type girl, and I'm quiet at first, you have to bring me out of my shell... I hope someone is willing, I need to make more of an effort!

Josh's deployment is sneaking up on us, I don't want to be caught completely off guard, I need some life preservers out there!

So I'm trying, let it state for the record, I really am going to put myself out there. Starting next Friday at the kid's clothing swap.

I have piles of laundry to fold, dinner to make, a bed I didn't straighten up this morning, dishes in the sink from lunch time, and toys galore to be picked up, but to me... it just looks like the Reeves' are finally feeling at home in this house. I need to sweep, and mop, and tidy... but it's home. Besides, I never claimed to be the world's best housekeeper, I just try to keep it livable.

What I'm trying to say, is I've been gone, stressing, and fretting, but mostly just living.

I'm back, I'll keep my word and write more, but I just wanted to update you on what you've missed. Nic is slowly trying to find herself. The ME that she can be proud of.

Now, go on with your day (or night) knowing.... you've been Nicked!

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