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"I wake day or night, suit and boot, for the safety of my people, my family, my love... my life." (It's not much but it's for you baby, I love you) - Joshua Reeves

Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Analogy

What if life is just like jigsaw puzzle... where we cautiously put the pieces of the edge together, and only then jump in to the bigger picture.

Our lives start out with simple needs, breathe, eat, sleep, grow. Mostly every need is met by someone other than ourselves. A Doctor watches us to be sure we're right on track, our Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, and Friends teach us what they deem important life lessons, and we learn the rest from observation. Someone feeds us, clothes us, and helps to mold our values and does the best they can to educate us on life outside the bubble they wrap so tenderly around us.

And then one day, you grow up, you venture out into life on your own, and you start to become your very own person. Like a jigsaw puzzle, if you stare to hard or too long, the pieces start to look the same, perhaps we should stop sometimes, take a step back, view the picture we're creating, and come back with fresh eyes.

My puzzle is looking a little dark, a little dreary, time to work on the sky, add in some pretty white clouds to drown out the darker ones.

Just a thought I had, decided I would share.

I apologize that my blog has been so down lately. It's just me trying to be honest with myself. The best way to deal with things is to face them head on, and not try to pretend they're not there right?

I entered a contest to win a free photo shoot for the family. I hope we win, but either way I'm going to get some family pictures taken before Josh leaves. Some he can take with him, and some we can hang around the house for the kids to see daily. I don't for a second think that my kids will forget that Josh is their Daddy, or that he loves them more than anything in this world, but it's also just nice to see his handsome face all over the house.

Still working on decorating this place, can't wait to get our tax return back and have some fun with it. It's the perfect timing, Josh will get to play a little too.

I'm feeling distracted, and disorganized, so I'm going to keep this brief for today. I'm working through things, please be patient with me, I am so very thankful for the wonderful readers I have here.

Until next time, you've been Nicked!

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  1. Absolutely perfect analogy! I think you're sooo right about life being like a puzzle, and the whole needing to step back and look at the picture...I'm speechless. It really made me think!

    Don't apoligize for your blog being down! This is all yours, and you get to vent, talk, discuss, whatever you want. It's the best way to handle things, and I feel that after I blog about something that's really weighing on my mind, it helps open my eyes to the situation. - Like I have to wrote it all out in my blog, to have it organized in front of me and see the bigger picture!

    I hope tomorrow is a better day! (But if not, blog about it, and maybe you will feel better!)