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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It Breaks My Heart

There are far too many people out there that shouldn't be parents, but for one reason or another decided to go for it anyway. I by no means consider myself the "perfect" parent, we all have places where we struggle, have to learn as we go, struggle and sometimes fail a few times before we get it right, but there is a line in the sand that should never be crossed.

Child abuse is a real problem, and the statistics are unbelievable, the two of the more disturbing are:

  • A Report of Child Abuse is Made Every 10 seconds.
  • Almost 5 Children Die Everyday as a Result of Child Abuse. 3 out of 4 are under the age of 4.

I watched a Dr. Phil video today, if you have a minute go to google, type in "hot sauce and cold showers" and see what comes up. What you will find is an appalling video of a mother forcing her adoptive son to swish with hot sauce and take a cold shower for bad behavior. Beware, this video is horrifying and brought me to tears. ( More correctly, I bawled my eyes out, hand over my mouth in horror.) This is a seven year old boy, who spent the first years of his life in an orphanage in Russia to eventually be placed, along with his twin brother, in this hateful woman's care.

I don't know why some people choose to be parents, if they don't have the patience or love that it requires to raise a child. I don't know why people like this don't see anything wrong with how they are treating the child, who is by all means A HUMAN BEING, and should be treated with the respect he's deserved. I don't know why our society has such a lax system for dealing with these offenders.

What I DO know, is that I was heartbroken beyond belief, I had the intense urge to first get that child to safety, far away from this woman that claims to be his "Mother", and secondly to squeeze my own son in a tight hug and tell him how much Mommy loves him.

This is why Josh and I feel so strongly about adopting/fostering children when our own are bigger or even gone. We don't want a child that needs a home to get just any home, we want them to get a home filled with love and understanding. What we'd really like is for people to just be DECENT and not treat their children this way! How can you expect your child to respect you if you treat them like dirt? That old adage "treat other the way you want to be treated" comes to mind. The Dr. Phil woman thinks that she's been misrepresented, that she LOVES her son and just needs help dealing with him. I argue that she's beyond the point where she should have asked for help, this is like a murder saying, "but I'm asking for help, so I shouldn't be punished." This woman's husband is a police officer, and even he doesn't see a problem with these actions? I feel sick.

I have other things I want to blog about today, and I'll probably be back, but I was just so moved, that I had to bring this up. My heart goes out to all the children in this world that are being abused by the people who are supposed to be protecting them. There is a special place for people that do these horrible acts...

Alert CPS if you know a child that is being mis-treated, they need you, they can't save themselves.

Until next time, You've been Nicked.

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  1. I agree with you, some people shouldn't be parents. I lost a baby 3 years ago, and it feels like it was yesterday. So when I see a kid get treated bad, I just say not fairm why does that person get a kid and I don't.

    BTW I'm Gris, a new follower.