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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dance Dance Dance..

I vow that someday I will get my husband to dance with me. Today though, I was content doing it with my little man! If you don't already own a Wii, you should really find a friend that does and try it out. It's entertaining, and can be quite a workout! My newest love is Just Dance 2.

I put on the new workout clothes that Josh got me for my Christmas, laced up my trusty old tennis shoes, and shook my butt like I was on fire! It has a mode called, "Just Sweat," and you can bet that's what I was doing. This might actually be something I can stick with, it's not boring to me like running down the road, it had me laughing and singing along in no time.

I have to do something, I'm back in that "hate my body" mode. Ever since I had Sophia I've struggled with losing the baby weight. I didn't have this hard of a time losing it with Lincoln, but then I suppose that's what comes with having two children in an 18 month period. Oh, Sophia, I love you more than life, but wowee you did a number on your Mama's body!

I'm not saying I'm huge or anything, I have about thirty pounds that I reluctantly stuff into my clothes, refusing to buy new ones until I'm at the weight I want to be. I want to feel sexy in my own skin, confidant in my clothes. I was doing really good while Josh was gone, and then he came home and that happy married life kicked back in... along with ice cream in bed, dinners out, and soda.

It's time to get serious, buckle down and kick my own butt into gear. I want to get up in the morning and feel energized and ready to go. I'm sick of dragging around feeling lazy and ... FAT. I know most of it is a state of mind, but that little gremlin has taken refuge in my brain and won't leave until the scale shows it true results. Get out of my head NEGATIVITY! I'm working on a solid plan, and the first step is accountability. Time to start logging weight, being honest with myself about what I'm eating and how hard I'm working, and maybe even logging nutrition facts for what I'm eating so I can see where the problem is at.

Mostly I want one less thing to stress over while my husband is gone. We all know what kind of monsters Doubt, Fear, and Low Self-Esteem are, and the damage they can do to our Strength and Emotional Well-Being. So I have to make sure I call some Ghost-Busters, and check under the bed, make sure I'm not letting those little creepers win!

I want to be proud of me. I want to like my body. I CAN achieve these goals.

So, wish me luck, cheer me on, and most importantly, call me out if you see fit! The more focus I have on this the better. This year I'm not only working on the emotional me (with this blog), I'm taking a stand on my physical health!!

So, I had my last Coke today, that's my first big commitment. Next step, daily Wii workouts, and checking out the on-post work out option! Zumba anyone?

Until next time, you've been Nicked!!

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  1. We should be distant workout buddies. :) I'm most definitely going to get that Just Dance II game now.