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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Journey...

I hear corney lines all the time, but there's one that is starting to ring true for me. "Life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey."

We can't wait for things to fall into place, or hope that someday things will change. We have to make changes, do what we feel when we feel it. If for some reason we never make it to some future destination, won't it be nice to know we made the best of every moment that we had?

Parenting is a journey, and right now we're struggling over some of the little bumps. I refuse to get discouraged, but I could use some helpful advice! Sophia is my fifteen month old, she's walking, and making noises, she knows a few words, she claps and waves, but for some reason she refuses to get off of her Formula. I don't know what to do, and I know that it's going to get to a point where it's more calories than she needs. She eats with us, has a love affair with chicken, and will drink juice with meals, but when it's time for a nap or bedtime she wants a sippy cup with formula or she'll scream and cry and refuse to sleep.

I know a lot of parenting is live and learn, trial and error, but I feel a little like a lost boat. I need that flashing lighthouse light, so please, if you have the answer, comments are wonderful!

I've tried giving her regular milk, or just water. Half formula, half milk. Just a tiny bit of milk in with the formula hoping to work up to more, but she knows right away that something isn't right and won't drink it.

Let me know if you have any idea's or suggestions!

I hurt my back this weekend carrying one of the kids around so I'm going to cut this short, but I'll make up for it this week! Until then, consider yourself Nicked! And thanks in advance for any advice!

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